We are about to witness a major calamity and rude upheavels in the real estate markets, particularly in the US. It will be a time of shocking realization for many and an opportunity for a few. Here are some resources to assist you in buying or selling.


By listing your home "For Sale By Owner" on the MLS, your home will be exposed to the thousands of buyers working with local real estate agents in your area. This can be the edge you'll need to sell your home quickly and profitably. There is no substitute to listing your home on the MLS. What was once the purview of realtors is now available to you.

About Our House

About Our House offers home owners, real estate agents, brokers, landlords, and other property owners the ability to upload photos and / or video visual tours to assist in their marketing needs. You can advertise your home in the local paper and point the readers to your visual tour. When people drive by your house and pick up your brochure, simply direct them to your online visuals.

For Sale by Owner

A well established and comprehensive resource for buying and selling real estate without the expense of heavy real estate commissions. Make your house more attractive to prospective buyers with a better price while keeping more of your equity. Buyers benefit too from lower prices.
There are things you should know before considering FSBO and you can learn about it HERE.

Electronic Appraiser

An online home and property appraiser to assist you in determining the value of your home or of the home you wish to purchase. It is always helpful to have the proper valuation numbers at your disposal.

Realty Trac

Up-to-date real estate listings for specialty property information. With the housing fiasco just starting to unwind, here is a source for foreclosed properties that can save you mightely on your next house purchase. Realty Trac is a trusted, comprehensive and convenient marketplace for homeowners, investors and real estate professionals.

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